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Appeal allowed for Calgary dangerous offender's indeterminate sentence

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A Calgary man who was convicted of aggravated assault in connection with a vicious machete attack in 2017 has been granted an appeal over his sentence.

Dillon Richard Runions pleaded guilty to aggravated assault for "an unprovoked attack" on a man in a Calgary alley on July 20, 2017.

His victim was taken to hospital in life-threatening condition.

"(It) had a profound impact on the complainant, who was left with impaired facial functioning and had to relearn basic functions such as eating and speaking," the court said, adding that the victim also has a large scar on his face and neck.

In addition to the 2017 offence, Runions was also convicted of multiple offences between 2009 and 2018, including several times for assault and aggravated assault.

Runions was designated a dangerous offender and given an indeterminate sentence, but the Alberta Court of Appeal says the sentencing judge "did not conduct the necessary analysis at the penalty stage."

"The reasons do not adequately address evidence relevant to community control or explain why the appellant could not be managed in the community," the court said.

"A new inquiry and a robust assessment of the relevant evidence is required at the penalty stage."

Therefore, while Runions' dangerous offender designation is "undisturbed," the sentencing judge will now be required to reconsider the decision of an indeterminate sentence. Top Stories

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