CALGARY -- The Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant has introduced a unique pop-up dining experience that  allows guests to enjoy fine dining and the great outdoors at the same time, all while keeping their distance from everyone else.

Six domes have been set up near the restaurant's gardens with a Mediterranean-style menu and decor.

"We wanted to extend our dining experience and also give people a safe place to eat," said Daryl Kerr, corporate chef of Great Events Group and Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant.

The private al fresco dining experience is designed to be as non-contact as possible, with guests determining their menu and paying prior to arrival.

Guests will choose each of their four courses online from a selection of predetermined menu items.

"We've had a great response," Kerr said "Even during the hail storms, everybody came out and they were really happy about it. The hail beating off the dome, it's a really cool way to dine outside."

The all-weather domes are also temperature-controlled, and all are fitted with air conditioning units and heaters.

Located in Fish Creek Park, Kerr said that bunnies and deer can walk right up, "You can see the wildlife as you're dining, you can basically dine in your own little park."

The Mediterranean-style pop-up experience will last until August 30, but will return in October with more domes and an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Guests can book a dome dinner online at least 24 hours in advance. Each dome can fit two to six guests at one time.