For the third time this week, a dog has been attacked and seriously injured by two others and bylaw officers want dog owners to be aware to prevent any more.

The latest incident occurred Thursday morning when a dog made a run at a bird that brought it within striking distance of two other dogs.

An eyewitness said that the pair grabbed the dog and dragged it down and were biting on both sides.

Two of the dog’s owners suffered injuries as they tried to separate the animals.

One of the owners say they had to work quickly to save the dog’s life. “We managed to get the one dog into the other side of the yard, and then had to try to get the other dog off our dog.”

Another incident on Wednesday night saw two pit bulls roaming at large bit two people and police had to take shelter in their cruiser.

Shortly after that, the owner of the dogs arrived on scene and helped police corral them into the back of one of the cruisers until Animal Services units arrived.

That pair of animals are currently in the custody of Bylaw Services.

They join three other pit bulls that were taken into custody earlier this week during an incident that left one dog dead and another suffering from serious injuries.

“This is abnormal for us,” says Doug Anderson of Calgary Bylaw Services. “I’ve been doing this job for a long time and it’s just unfortunate we’ve had these two situations as close together. We don’t normally find this to be the case.”

Dr. Miranda Bourque of the Foothills Animal Hospital says that owners need to be aware and read their dog’s body language in order to avoid violent incidents.

And if avoiding trouble is impossible, they need to attempt to stop the dog from biting while keeping themselves out of harm’s way.

“Throw a jacket over their faces, make a loop from your leash and try to get the one that seems most aggressive.”

Under the law, owners are responsible for controlling their dogs and if there is trouble, they will face charges.