Bylaw officers have captured two dogs and laid charges against the owner after a four-year-old girl was attacked while playing outside her home.

The owner of "Peaches" faces a $700 fine and charges of allowing the dog to run at large, causing injury to a person, and not having a proper licence.

Authorities say the dog could be forced to be muzzled until a behaviour assessment can be done.

They are also testing Peaches to check for any traces of rabies that could have caused the dog to attack.

Four-year-old Haley Khidri and her six-year-old sister were playing in the yard outside their home in Taradale Sunday night when a pitbull and another dog attacked.

Quick thinking neighbours rushed to the girl's aid when they saw one of the dogs pin the girl to the ground and bite her repeatedly around the face and neck.

Neighbours attempted to beat off the dog with a broom handle and a piece of wood, but it did not stop the dog's attack.

Haley only escaped serious injury when she was pulled to safety onto the top of a parked car.

Even then, the dog continued to attempt to injure the girl.