CALGARY -- The City of Calgary and Alberta Transportation are gathering public feedback for a multi-phase study on Deerfoot Trail, the busiest major corridor in the city.

With the work now in Phase 3, residents are asked to share their thoughts on long-term improvements that can be made to the route with a horizon year of 2048.

"On Deerfoot Trail we've identified so many issues and challenges from the technical analysis and public input, so we needed to do some improvements to help all the road users and Calgarians to travel on Deerfoot Trail," said Jeffrey Xu, project manager with the City of Calgary.

The study focuses on the stretch from Stoney Trail in the south to the intersection with the same route in the north end.

Deerfoot Trail drivers at the public session at the Riverbend Community centre on Saturday said they are hoping for improvements to specific interchanges. 

"We've been concerned about this intersection at 24 Street and Deerfoot for a long time," said Sean Bailey. "Just past Anderson it goes down to two lanes so everything backs up."

Others want to see improvements made for future drivers.

"We have two young kids that are just new drivers that are going to be going onto Deerfoot as well, so we are very concerned," said Tracy Bailey.

Many in attendance said they want to see changes at Deerfoot Trail's intersection with Glenmore Trail.

"I think its a terrible design from merging two highways from Highway 8 to Highway 2, and you have a yield sign between it to merge traffic," said Cory Romney. "It's really a dangerous intersection."

There is no construction scheduled at this point, although the City said the earliest it would begin is 2021.