Recreational use of cannabis will be legal later this year and thousands of Calgarians have voiced their opinion on the issue in a large survey that was commissioned by the city.

The survey was conducted from November 2017 to January 2018 and asked citizens how they felt about legalization and what their preferences were for regulating its use.

More than 15,000 people weighed in and 48 percent of Calgarians say they are accepting of pot legalization.

The report shows that one in four Calgarians say they will likely consume pot when it becomes legal and one in ten, who do not currently use cannabis, say they are willing to try it.

55 percent say cannabis use should copy the rules for alcohol consumption and 32 percent say it should be treated like tobacco.

Most people said there should be a minimum distance between retailers and places where children or vulnerable populations are present.

“We got very in-depth as far as asking things like, where people wanted to see this, where they didn’t want to see this and it wasn’t just the retail aspect of it, we went into things like public consumption as well and really wanted to get an in-depth view of what Calgarians thought about this and we’ll use that not just to inform the land-use bylaw amendments but also the variety of amendments that are required to other bylaws,” said Matt Zabloski, City of Calgary Cannabis Legalization Project.

The survey found there were four main veiwpoints in the city regarding cannabis use:

  • 17 percent - Anti-Cannabis Absolutists
  • 22 percent - Out of sight, out of mind
  • 48 percent – Tolerant
  • 13 percent – Cannabis champions

For more on the survey, scroll the document below or click HERE.