A Calgary based company is matching potential employers with members of an often overlooked group with unique abilities.

Meticulon, formally known as ‘With Precision Services’, assesses and trains people with autism spectrum syndrome. While people with the syndrome may have poor social skills, many members of the group bring highly desired attributes to the work place.

Dakota Kiriachuk has Asperger syndrome and is currently in the market for a job. Meticulon is hoping to find Dakota a position in the field of Information Technology, where her talents are valued.

 “A lot of the stuff that neuro typicals find boring I actually enjoy,” explains Dakota Kiriachuk, “like detail oriented stuff and repetition.”

Dakota is extremely intelligent, she scored off the charts in an initial work assessment, and Meticulon is assisting her in finding a job. Once an employer is found, Meticulon will take steps to ease Dakota’s transition into the workplace.

People with autism may require guidance in understanding the social aspects of the workplace, including the subtle nuances which most people take for granted.

Meticulon CEO Garth Johnson says people with autism may struggle with water cooler talk and may provide a full answer when asked how they are doing.

For more information on the company and the services it offers, visit Meticulon.