Opponents to Calgary’s southwest transitway have some new support in the form of Ward 13 councillor Diane Colley-Urquhart.

Colley-Urquhart says she originally supported the transitway project, but that enthusiasm stumbled when she witnessed how much the original estimate has grown.

The proposal had an original estimate of $40M, but Colley-Urquhart says it’s gotten much more expensive.

She says that after listening to the concerns of her constituents and crunching the numbers herself, she can no longer support the proposal.

"Just because council gave approval in principle for a capital project like this one five years ago, doesn't mean that because the province gives you money in September that suddenly you accelerate it and start construction in four weeks."

The councillor made the announcement during a town hall meeting at the Woodcreek Community Association on Wednesday night.

During the meeting, attendees applauded her when she thanked them for speaking out on the issues related to the bus rapid transit plan.

The 22 km transitway would improve transit service between Mount Royal University, Rockyview General Hospital and Woodlands in the southwest.

Ready to Engage, a private group in opposition to the proposal, says it would create congestion on 14 Street and parking issues in neighbouring areas. The group also says that ridership would not support the project.

The group has also lashed out at council, claiming there was not enough consultation conducted and the project lacks planning.

City administration is expected to report back to the Transportation and Transit Committee on dozens of concerns by July 20.