Calgarians were out en masse on Sunday making the most of southern Alberta’s unseasonal weather.

City pathways, dog parks, and patios received an influx of visitors as Environment Canada recorded a record high of 17.2C at the Calgary International Airport, shattering the previous January 25 Calgary record of 13.1C which was set in 2007.

CTV meteorologist Steve Rothfels says Calgary’s warmest recorded high in January was 17.6C, a number which may be eclipsed once Environment Canada confirms Sunday’s peak temperature.

Calgary was not alone in its record setting Sunday as 18 localities in Alberta set new record highs.

Sunday’s 17.1C temperature was the warmest recorded temperature in Canada.

Similar to the temperature, reception to the balmy conditions was significantly positive.

“I am completely flabbergasted and I’m enjoying every minute of it,” said one sun worshipper.

A motorcyclist said this is the first January he’s been able to ride on city streets. In previous Januarys, the long time Calgarian has pulled his bike out of storage to admire it, but has not been able to leave the driveway.

Warm conditions are expected to continue into the work week. Steve Rothfels is predicting a high of 13 degrees for Monday and there is a chance the record temperature for January 26, which stands at 14C, will fall.