A local truck driver calls a southeast intersection ‘terrible’ and says it’s in need of improvements to avoid a serious crash.

A Calgary truck driver says the intersection at Glenmore Trail and 100 Street S.E. is too confusing and needs to be updated before someone gets hurt.

Jonathan Potter has seen too many close calls in the area, near the Heatherglen Golf Course, when drivers are travelling south on 100 Street to turn left to travel east on Glenmore trail.

"People use that as a left turn lane and it’s not a left turn lane," said Potter. "They got the sign there showing that single lane is for straight and left and you've got the solid yellow line."

Potter said the yellow lines widen and he's seen drivers use that as a left turning lane when it’s not.

"I'm a truck driver, I've got my semi I'm turning left, I'm gonna run over somebody if they're on my left side, they're gonna get squashed by the trailer wheels," said Potter.

According to Calgary Police, there have been 49 crashes at the intersection since 2014; five of those were injury collisions.

Police records indicate, during that same time period there were four complaints asking for more traffic enforcement, but some of those calls coincided with construction.

The City of Calgary says the intersection is just outside city limits and falls under the jurisdiction of Alberta Transportation.

In a statement, the province said,

“Alberta Transportation has not registered any complaints about the yellow painted median line on the north side of the intersection. We recently adjusted the cycle times of traffic signals at the intersection to allow for safer and more efficient traffic flow. We are monitoring the results of this signalization change. We have been in discussions with the City of Calgary and Rocky View County on possible future improvements to the intersection. This intersection is not included in any projects currently listed on Alberta's Construction Program.”

Potter says that void space is helpful to truck drivers, who need extra turn space when coming off Glenmore.

He wants the intersection improved, perhaps by adding a left turn lane but also hopes drivers pay attention to the rules of the road.

"People need to follow the right procedures for doing the left turn, they need to follow the solid yellow line that means you cannot cross over it."