A Montreal couple is thanking a quick thinking Calgarian for saving them after they were caught in an undertow off a Mexican beach over the holiday break.

Tamara Loiselle was in Cancun last week and was walking along the beach at 7:30 a.m. with a friend when she saw two people in trouble in the water.

Loiselle is an amateur triathlete and became an expert swimmer after she nearly drowned herself, six years ago.

She saw the couple struggling in the water to stay afloat and swam out to see if she could help them.

Security guards from a nearby condo grabbed a rope and life preserver to assist with the rescue.

Loiselle reached the man first and then his girlfriend.

"I was able to reach her, get her to the life preserver. She was so exhausted she could hardly hang on and then we had a wave that hit us and both of the other people got scattered and separated from me and we had to reassemble and I was like okay let’s get out of here as fast as we can, like kick, kick, kick. So we started on our way in and then it was probably a minute into that that the tow rope, I felt the pull, and was like oh, thank God," said Loiselle. 

The trio was pulled safely to shore and the couple says they are grateful for Loiselle’s efforts.

“Tamara, words cannot describe my gratitude but I’ll try. You saved my girlfriend’s life and most certainly mine too,” said the man who wished to remain anonymous.

They have connected on Facebook and Loiselle says she plans to have a reunion with the couple soon.