CALGARY – The first company in Canada to exclusively employ individuals on the autism spectrum as information technology analysts and experts is looking for staff.

Garth Johnson is the CEO of auticon Canada and says, right now, he could fill 14 positions here in Calgary and another seven openings in Montreal.

"We have people we can train but what we’re really looking for is people who already have experience who want to come and join our team," said Johnson. "They can get the support and structure that they’ve been missing in their life and we can help them take that next step in their career."

The company has undergone a massive expansion of the types of services it offers and is looking for people to fill positions in full software development, cyber security, and business intelligence.

Derek Tanner is a software quality assurance specialist who has worked for auticon Canada for two and a half years. "Where they need me to go I’ll learn and adapt but I’m not restricted to that path," explained Tanner. "I have the freedom to pick up skills as I need and when this contract ends I can take those new skills and bring them to the next contract."

Paulo Valera, who has worked with auticon Canada for six months, found his passion while playing video games when he was younger.  Valera always wanted to figure out how the games worked and now he’s a software developer.

"It’s like solving a big puzzle," said Valera. "People can’t do something right now but, with our help, will be able to create functionalities for them that will help them."

"High functioning people with autism don’t need help, they need opportunity and what we provide is the support and structure and the understanding of what is autism in the work place is so they can get on and be productive," said Johnson.

To learn more about the company and its current postings, visit auticon Canada