Residents of a condominium complex in the southeast neighbourhood of Copperfield are on edge and the condo board is stepping up the building’s security following two recent fires and an alarm pull.

Over the last two weeks, residents of the complex on Copperstone Park S.E. have been startled awake by fire alarms in the middle of the night on three occasions.

“You go to bed not knowing if are we going to get another fire alarm, am I going to be hauled out of bed at midnight or 1:30 in the morning and have to come outside for a couple of hours,” said Bonnah Karmos who owns a unit in the building. “The sound of the alarm is piercing. Even though your own unit may not be affected by the smoke, the sound is so obnoxious that you have to physically leave your condo to get away from the noise. It’s good that it wakes you up and gets you out but it’s sort of frustrating.”

Firefighters encountered small fires on the premises during two of their responses while their third recent response, in the overnight hours of Sunday night into Monday morning, was the result of a fire alarm pull where no fire was detected.

Burning paper was placed under the door of a vacant unit by an unidentified culprit during one incident while the circumstances surrounding the other fire have not been released. The damage from the two fires has been minimal but residents are concerned that may not be the case if their building is targeted again.

According to a letter from the condo board to residents of Copperfield Park 3, dated May 10, 2018, security staff will be making regular walks through the building during the overnight hours for the foreseeable future and the board has requested quotes for surveillance cameras, the rekeying of one building and key fobs for all parkade and building entrances.

The board also indicated that the physical security of the doors to the units will be increased with the installation of astragals and blocker plates following the suspected acts of arson.

The Calgary Police Service confirms an investigation into the fires and the fire alarm pull is underway.

With files from CTV’s Jordan Kanygin