City council will discuss safety around the consumption site at the Sheldon Chumir Health Centre and a motion on fluoride on Monday.

Public safety near the downtown consumption site has become a concern for area residents over the last few months.

Ward 8 Councillor Evan Woolley presented a dozen recommendations that he compiled with the help of a city committee, which was formed to address some of the concerns in the area.

The list includes more mental health and addiction support for drug users, more security around the facility and more mobile AHS support.

The committee was formed in response to a report from the Calgary Police Service that indicated a dramatic jump in crime and theft since the safe consumption site opened.

Another item on Monday’s agenda is a motion that was brought up on Friday by Councillor Diane Colley-Urquhart to re-introduce fluoride into Calgary’s drinking water.

She wants to have the discussion reopened, citing a 2016 study by the University of Calgary that found an increase in tooth decay in young children since fluoride was removed from the water.

“I have an open mind. I’m open to be influenced by the best advice we can get on this,” she said on Friday. “I’m a health care professional and even I’m not an expert on this so I absolutely have an open mind. I haven’t made a decision on this [so] that’s why I want this work to be done.”

Colley-Urquhart also tabled the same motion after the report came out in 2016 and it was defeated 9 to 5.

Before the practice was ended in 2011, it cost the city about $750,000 to add fluoride to the drinking water.