There appears to be a new frontrunner in the provincial election.

Right now, a new poll shows 43 per cent of decided voters would vote Wildrose if the election was held tomorrow, with 30 per cent choosing the PC party.

The NDP is a distant third at 12 per cent and the Liberals have 11 per cent.

And, data gathered for CTV by polling firm ThinkHQ shows for the first time, Danielle Smith has the highest approval rating of all the leaders.

Alison Redford met with supporters in southern Alberta today.

At a stop in Lethbridge, she downplayed the new findings, which say support for the PC party has dropped 7 per cent in the past month.

ThinkHQ's Marc Henry says the shift comes after a series of Tory missteps.

Last week, Redford announced she'll make MLAs pay back money for the committee that didn't meet, but Henry says voters seem to think that gesture came too late.

Then a PC aide's tweet questioned why Danielle Smith isn't a mother, forcing the leader to reveal painful personal details about infertility treatments.