The father of Calgary's most wanted man indicates he will break his silence soon. Dan Jenkins, a prominent Calgary architect is the father of Ryan Jenkins the Calgary man wanted in the death of his former wife model Jasmine Fiore.

Dan Jenkins is reportedly willing to speak publicly about what's happened in the past week. CTV News had a reporter outside his home Sunday. He did not come down to speak, but did indicate he would like to give a statement, but is still waiting on further advice from his attorney.

Meantime a Calgary couple says they saw what Ryan Jenkins did to an ex girlfriend back in 2005.

Lynn Chellew and Norm Puchalski live next door to a property Ryan Jenkins developed five years ago. CTV News previously reported that Jenkins had a criminal record here in Calgary. He pleaded guilty to assaulting an ex-girlfriend.

The couple says they were home when the assault took place and that the girlfriend ran to their home for help.

Norm Puchalski says, "She looked like she had been beaten up fairly badly, bleeding from the head and such, and of course we brought her in and sat her on the sofa and tried to calm her down bring her some moist towels and some water."

The couple also says Jenkins came to their house to ask to speak to the girlfriend a little while after she came looking for help. The girlfriend indicated she didn't want to speak to him. He was asked to leave and did so without incident.

The RCMP are now confirming that Jenkins was found dead in a Hope, B.C. hotel room.