Calgary fire crews went door to door in Evergreen on Monday night to ensure people get the important message of fire safety.

The action comes following three fatalities in house fires this year, with two occurring in February alone.

Their hope is to prevent any more fires and the tragic circumstances that could end up as a result.

Firefighters went door to door in Evergreen on Monday night as part of their ‘After the Emergency Program’, which talks with residents and stresses the importance of fire safety.

They explain how to set up a fire safety plan and aid residents in testing their fire detectors and ensure they are in working order.

“This was especially significant because of the tragedy of someone dying,” says Carol Henke of the Calgary Fire Department. “It’s a good opportunity for us to reinforce our safety message.”

They will visit residents in different neighbourhoods throughout the year to discuss fire prevention, but will focus on Evergreen for the time being.