The retail units of a historical property in downtown Lethbridge have been sold leaving only the second-floor residential unit, at an asking price of $1.2 million, available.

The Acadia building, located on 3 Avenue South across the street from Galt Gardens, has housed Dove Christian Supplies, She Boutique and the home of John and Wilma Gerlock.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve done here and the legacy we’ve created,” said Wilma Gerlock.

The couple put the entire building up for sale several weeks ago and they have already accepted offers for the residential units on the ground floor.

A law office occupied the upper floor of the building for nearly 80 years before the Gerlocks began renovations a decade ago and transformed it into their home.

The 4,200 square foot home features hardwood floors, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a library, a formal dining room, an original walk-in vault and a 1,000 square foot outdoor terrace overlooking Galt Gardens.

“It’s beautiful,” gushed Gerlock while admiring the view. “I sit out there on the swing and I listen to the foundation. It’s amazing. You’re in the heart of the community.”

The great grandparents decided to sell their home in order to spend more time with family and travelling.  They say it will be bittersweet to depart the Acadia but they hope the next owners will love the home as much as they do.

“My heart is in this building. I love it,” said Gerlock. “We designed it to our own specifications so there’s a lot of my husband and myself in this building.”

“In my opinion, it’s probably the best place to live in Lethbridge.”

Realtor Courtney Atkinson calls the condo a ‘standout home’.

 “It’s right downtown, it’s really, really large, extremely well done in a great location,” explained Atkinson. “This might be the very, very first million dollar condo sold in Lethbridge.”

The Gerlocks say there has been expressions of interest in the unit and they have conversed with potential buyers.

With files from CTV’s Kaella Carr