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Fishtival offers activities, fish-feeding, theatre


It might be a little early in the year to hang a ‘Gone Fishin’' sign on your door, but a few Calgary families are getting ready for fishing season by heading to a Fishtival Saturday.

Hosted by the Bow Habitat Station, Fishtival offers family-friendly games, fish-feeding, Conservation K-9s, and even a little theatre.

One popular activity Saturday was for kids to learn how to cast a fishing rod in a unique indoor simulation.

“I got a big one, and it jumped up and splashed me!” said four-year-old Zelda Furlong.

Volunteer outreach and partnership co-ordinator Erin Ritchie said Fishtival is a way for people to connect with nature who might not otherwise get the opportunity.

“It’s a really family-fun engaging opportunity for all ages in your family,” she said. “It’s just a way for people to connect with nature who maybe don’t really know that much (about it) and want to learn more.”

The event, which continues until 4 p.m. Saturday, was already busy when CTV dropped by in the morning.

“We’re expecting about 1,600 people coming today for Fishtival,” Ritchie said, “and we’re really excited to engage with everybody today.”

The one thing you can’t do at Fishtival, she clarified, is fish.

“No actual fishing,” she said, “but we do lots of fish-themed activity. So we have practice – casting a rod -- so you’re getting ready for that summer season.

“We have magnetic ice fishing so you can practice your fish ID

“And of course we have fish feeding in the hatchery – so lots of fish-themed things as well --  but no actual fishing. That will come later.”

Fishtival is just the first of numerous events offered throughout the year by Bow Habitat Station, she said.

“We do have our Alberta Biodiversity Festival that’s happening on Sept. 14," she said.

"Check out our website, that’s where all the info will be," she added, "and of course our trout pond will be reopening this summer – the exact date we’re not entirely sure – but again, follow our website on social media.”

For more information about Fishtival and other Bow Habitat Station events, go here.

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