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Group of Calgary artists to create mural on repurposed downtown office building


A building along Seventh Avenue S.W. will soon be decorated with a large mural.

The long, vacant office tower, formerly known as Sierra Place, is being transformed by Home Space into affordable housing.

The mural will go on the west wall.

The long vacant office tower, formerly known as Sierra Place, is transformed by HomeSpace into affordable housing.

It's named Neoma and its being created by the BUMP Festival.

The lead artist said the mural is meant to represent motherhood, nurturing and fresh starts.

"I feel like there's going to be a lot of impact through this," said Jacquie Comrie. "And I feel like a there's a lot of people that are struggling right now, mentally, and emotionally and to have the chance and the opportunity to create and make something colourful on this massive baby – I can't be more proud and honoured to be here."

Comrie said it will take her and her three colleagues about two weeks to finish the mural.

The BUMP Festival runs through August 28. For more information, go here. Top Stories

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