The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Loblaw companies are now warning the public to avoid certain types of frozen hamburger patties because of possible E. coli contamination.

The CFIA says the affected product is the Butcher’s Choice Garlic Peppercorn Beef Burgers.

The patties were sold frozen with a best-before date of March 3.

They were produced by Brampton-based Cardinal Meat Specialists Ltd. and distributed nationwide.

The agency says the recall is the result of an investigation into a number of E. coli related illnesses.

In a release, the CFIA says they were contacted by the Public Health Agency of Canada that a small cluster of illnesses in Ontario and Alberta were potentially linked to the product.

The federal agency says it is currently testing additional products from across the country and the recall may be expanded to include other products as test results are received.

They are also conducting a food safety investigation to see how the beef became contaminated.

The CFIA says they will take immediate action if any areas of concern become apparent.

Earlier this week, XL Foods, which was at the center of Canada’s largest beef recall, was officially given the green light to begin shipping beef to the U.S.

Shipments across the border had been shut down on Sept. 13 after the CFIA revoked the company’s licence that allowed it to export products.

The CFIA restored the licence on Oct. 23.

The plant's operations have been taken over by JBS USA, an American subsidiary of a Brazilian-owned enterprise that has an option to buy the plant.

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