A major shakeup in the campaign of Calgary mayoral candidate Barb Higgins.

She announced Friday afternoon that she has parted ways with her campaign manager Donn Lovett.

She says the make-over will allow her to "re-boot" her campaign.

Higgins says too many things were falling through the cracks under Lovett, who has previously run political campaigns for the Liberal party.

Higgins says her campaign has become much bigger than she anticipated and the workload may have become too much for Lovett, who also runs an oil and gas company.

Higgins says miscommunication within her camp is to blame for a major misstep Friday morning when she missed a mayoralty forum sponsored by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

"It became clear that we weren't keeping up with things. This wasn't the only case, we had volunteers coming up and saying I'm contacting your office and nobody is getting back to me," Higgins said.

Her new manager is Alan Hallman who has worked on several local conservative campaigns.