The city has shut down a big construction project at Canada Olympic Park until a permit for the work is secured.

Winsport Canada is beefing up the slopes with a 100 metre addition at the top of the hill.

The city issued a stop work order after it realized that Winsport didn't get permits for the project.

Winsport claims it was just an oversight and the city says the permit applications are now in the works.

“Basically there's some confusion around the permitting with the city. We had some permits in place that didn't actually work out with what we are trying to do here. We’re working closely with the city to get the permitting in place and they are trying to expedite it as quick as they can,” said Dale Oviatt from Winsport Canada.  

“Everything is looking fairly positive at this time. We do have to wait until the engineers finally sign off on that. We are hoping that is going to occur this week, which would put us in a position to have the development permit approved hopefully before the end of the year,” said Ian Cope from Development and Building Approvals.

The development permits will still be subject to appeal so it could still take awhile for work to restart if there is a public complaint.