A Calgary charity organization that offers help to families needing a place to stay is concerned about the increased number of people coming through its doors.

The Inn from the Cold presented the information about its emergency family shelter during its annual winter open house.

Officials say the facility has been at or over capacity for 65 percent of the year so far while suffering from a 22 percent decline in donations.

They are, however, getting some help from sorts of sources. One generous child contributed $700, the money he gathered by collecting bottles.

“If kids today are that philanthropic and want to give back, how profound is that. But on a very real level, it means we’re going to have a great Christmas dinner for our families,” said Abe Brown, the executive director of the Inn from the Cold.

The Inn from the Cold relies on donations to continue its work.

For more information about the Inn from the Cold and its programs, the public is invited to contact them for a tour.