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It'll be a nice end to the week overall, and then a windy, wet Father's Day weekend


Wednesday was a windy one, with gusts exceeding 60 km/h in Calgary.

The winds will be calmer for Thursday, but still breezy at times, with gusts out of the south up to 40 km/h.

It will be a couple of degrees warmer, with lots of sunshine.

Overall, a nice day Thursday:

Friday will be a little warmer still, but the clouds will increase and the winds will pick up ahead of the system set to arrive for Father's Day weekend.

This means another chilly weekend.

It will also be gusty, cloudy and the rain will be heavy at times.

Not much sunshine is expected by the weekend at all, just potentially a couple of bright hours on Saturday morning.

It looks like we could pick up 20-plus millimetres of rain. Top Stories

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