A military judge has decided to hold off on making a final decision of a sentence for a Calgary reservist convicted in a deadly friendly fire incident in Afghanistan in 2010.

The prosecution lawyers at a court martial sentencing hearing want to see Maj. Darryl Watts, a Calgary reservist, spend time behind bars for his conviction in the death of Cpl. Josh Baker during a tragic training accident.

Baker was killed in 2010 during a training exercise in Afghanistan north of Kandahar city.

An anti-personnel mine set up on the firing range exploded, peppering Baker’s platoon with 700 steel balls.

Watts, who was in charge of the exercise, was found guilty of unlawfully causing bodily harm and negligent performance of military duty.

The prosecution seeks 18 months in jail for the Calgary volunteer firefighter.

They’re also seeking his dismissal or demotion in the Canadian military.

Maj. Dylan Kerr says that Watts hasn’t shown any remorse and hasn’t accepted any responsibility for the incident.

Watts’ lawyer, Balfour Der, requests Watt receive a reprimand and no jail time.

Der says that a reprimand is only way that accurately reflects his culpability in the incident.

The military judge has reserved a decision in the case to Feb. 20.

With files from CTVNews.ca