Liberal MLA, Kent Hehr has thrown his hat into Calgary's mayoral race.

He made the announcement on Wednesday morning.

Hehr unveiled his platform and says he will bring a fresh new vision to City Hall. "What I'm going to bring you is an attitude change at City Hall, create an atmosphere that we are all in this together," says Hehr.

At this point, Hehr is in the race against Ric McIver, Paul Hughes, Jon Lord, and Joe Connelly. "I would say it is Ric McIver versus Kent Hehr, but more people are going to enter," says Duane Bratt, a political scientist at Mount Royal University.

McIver is considered a Conservative while Hehr is considered a Liberal. But Hehr maintains the mayor's race isn't about party politics. "The mayor's job is not about right, or left, or centre. City polities is about maintaining our services and keeping our tax rate competitive," says Hehr.

Hehr says he still plans to work as the MLA for Calgary Buffalo. He will resign from that position if he is elected mayor.