A program dedicated to stopping sexual abuse of children is being offered in Calgary this weekend.

Little Warriors is a non-profit organization that teaches adults how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

According to statistics, one in three girls and one in six boys will suffer some sort of sexual exploitation before they are 18 and 95 percent of the time the victims know their perpetrator.

Gloria Meldrum started Little Warriors. She was sexually abused when she was eight-years-old. "My offender was never investigated or charged when I was a little girl. No one believed me, He worked with kids in the community," says Meldrum.

Meldrum has made it her mission to ensure as many adults as possible are empowered with the courage to confront the situation of child sexual abuse. "The biggest thing that every single person can do is take the program and learn the signs and symptoms and if you see them in your home, or your friend's home, pick up the phone and call the cops," says Meldrum.

Meldrum found the courage to face her attacker and now he is a convicted sexual offender. "I can tell you from first hand the challenges I've had in my life....It took me 25 years to sleep through the night and you don't want that to happen to any child you know," says Meldrum.

There will be three Little Warrior seminars coming to Calgary. Two will be taking place on September 12th at Nagel House at 2900 Cedarbrae, S.W. Another session will happen on September 13th at the Calgary Jewish Community Centre at 1607 90 Avenue, S.W.

To find out more on times and to register, click on the link above or phone 1-888-440-1343.