Volunteers for the 2009 Tim Horton's Brier are being asked to shell out $100 to help out.

It's a practice that's raising concerns among some senior groups and they say volunteering shouldn't cost anymore than your time.

Brier organizers say the fee will cover the cost of clothing and volunteer parties and that the fee ensures volunteers show up when they are needed.

"We aren't faced with the problem of a 20 minute volunteer," said Ian Henderson, Chair of the Brier Cup Host Committee, "they sign up as a volunteer and 20 minutes after they get their shirt they are no where to be seen, our people are very dedicated, they have their share or stake in the event and we find it works."

Officials with Volunteer Calgary say asking for volunteers to give more than their time is not uncommon.

Close to 1000 volunteers are needed for the event which will take place in the Saddledome from March 7 - 15, 2009.

Full event passes range between $395 and $595.

To register to volunteer or order tickets click on the link.