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Calgary students return to school following daytime stabbing


Students at John G. Diefenbaker Highschool and St. Helena School returned to classes Tuesday morning after a teenage boy was stabbed in a field after classes were out on Monday.

"I heard that it was like, after school, and he was just laying outside of the school, so that's a bit scary," said student Hayley Taylor.

"It's definitely, something to look around for (and) watch your surroundings and stuff."

At around 4:20 p.m., police were called to a green space, shared by the two schools in the 300 block of 64 Avenue N.W. for reports that a teen had been stabbed.

"Upon arrival, police located a 14-year-old male with injuries consistent with stab wounds. The teen was transported to hospital in serious condition, but has since been upgraded to stable," read a statement from police.

At the time, police say a football game was taking place.

The Calgary Catholic School Division (CCSD) confirmed the detail about the incident, saying that both parties involved were students.

"The student is receiving medical treatment for their injury, and CPS and our school administration are investigating," the CCSD said.

"Our critical incident response team is supporting our students and staff members, and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the incident."

The stabbing has left many people concerned.

"One of my neighbors was there, actually, so he told me about what happened," said Jayla de Grood.

"I don't know if school should be going on with the whole thing, because what if that's us next time? What if that's us? What if we go home and that's us?"

Police say the victim did not know his attacker and de Grood says it scares her slightly as she has been on that field many times.

"Considering we have practice out in that field after school," she said. "I could have been at practice. That could have been one of my teammates."

The suspect is described as having poofy blond hair and wearing a black jacket. He fled the scene on which police believe was a city bus.

"We took one person into custody briefly, but it was determined that person was not involved and they were released," said police in a statement.

"Honestly, I do hope they catch the kid," said student Guled Botan.

"I do not feel safe because it's supposed to be a safe environment for everyone. But with this happening, it's not a normal situation. So I guess people have to watch their backs now, so people just be aware."

Police continue to investigate and anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact police.

No one is in custody, the suspect's age is not known. Top Stories

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