A young male moose was spotted running around Calgary on Thursday.

At around 10:30 police received a call about the animal which was spotted at 37 Street & Glenmore Trail S.W.

By 11:30 the one-year-old moose had made its way to Crowchild Trail and Memorial Drive.

At 1 p.m., it was making its way through downtown Calgary along 9 Avenue.

"[It acted] almost like a tourist. He's seen all the highlights of Calgary. He's been to the Zoo, passed the construction of The Bow office complex, and the Palliser Hotel," says Duty Inspector Darren Cave from the Calgary Police Service.

Fish and Wildlife officers were called in to help deal with the situation.

Police blocked traffic on 9 Avenue to prevent the animal, or people, from getting injured. 

The moose was tranquilized in a nearby parking lot and loaded onto a moose mover.

Wildlife officials say the animal is being relocated to an area near Bragg Creek.

To view a photo gallery of some of the pictures taken by CTV viewers click here or the attached web link.