CALGARY – Hundreds of Muslim women are meeting in Calgary on Saturday to take a critical look at the upcoming election and discuss how to select the best candidate for their needs.

Being Muslimah Empowered (ME) Calgary, or 'Being ME,' is a day-long conference that has been organized by women for women who are concerned about some of the most pressing issues facing their gender today.

"We want to promote the ideas of confidence, not consciousness, action and community, and what women feel about that," said Maria Arshad, Mercy Mission Canada board member.

The event features workshops and seminars that include talks from experts on a number of topics, including making informed voting decisions, harnessing potential and finding balance between home and work.

Author Uzma Jalauddine spoke about the important of more representation of Muslim women in the business world.

"When you don't have role models of entrepreneurs, specifically among muslim women... when you don't have people sort've paving the path for you, or you have this tradition of entrepreneurship, it's really difficult to see yourself in that role," Jalauddine told CTV News Calgary.

There was also opportunities to discuss the upcoming election and politics.

The conference, which took place at the Telus Convention Centre, is now in its fifth year.

Full information can be found online.