Police have charged three people in connection with the shooting death of a wild horse in the Sundre area last year.

Two of the people arrested worked at the Mountain Aire Lodge which is a camping and recreational facility run by the Mustard Seed Street Ministry.

One of the men charged is Jason Nixon who is the son of the Mustard Seeds Founder, Pat Nixon.

The other man charged is 40-year-old Earl Anderson.

The equine killings occurred near the facility and about 30 horses were killed over the past ten years.

Staff at the lodge did not want to talk about the matter but a spokesperson with The Seed said they stand behind their employees.

"Two individuals in our lodge were charged in connection with the shooting of 1 wild horse near Sundre, no convictions have been made, the legal process is still unfolding and we remain fully supportive of our staff and stand behind them 100%'" said Courtney Fliss of the Mustard Seed.

A 13 year old was also charged but cannot be named because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The accused are scheduled to appear in Didsbury court on March 1.