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New bus service to offer service between Calgary, Edmonton and Banff

The Canada Bus has just launched from Calgary. The bus service will operate from Calgary to Edmonton and Calgary to Banff. The Canada Bus has just launched from Calgary. The bus service will operate from Calgary to Edmonton and Calgary to Banff.

There’s a new option to get to Edmonton or Banff from Calgary for anyone who doesn’t want to drive themselves.

The Canada Bus has just launched in Calgary. The first trip to Edmonton departs on Saturday.

“I’m in the travel industry for almost 20 years and Greyhound has also left Canada in 2018 and this is the basic need for people,” said Satender Singh, owner of The Canada Bus. “I know there’s more bus companies but people need more options and we are starting with very competitive prices.”

Greyhound service in Western Canada stopped in 2018 and shut down all its remaining Canadian routes earlier this year.

Singh said COVID-19 delayed their plans to launch sooner to offer an alternative.

Initially the company will operate five buses.

The first Calgary to Edmonton trip is scheduled for this weekend. The route begins in downtown Calgary, then travels to the Whitehorn LRT station, CrossIron Mills mall, and the Southgate LRT station in Edmonton then the Kingsway/Royal Alex LRT stop.

“Our motive to choose LRT stations is because it’s easy access for everybody who's drivingsaid Singh." Who's not (driving),  they can take (the) bus, they can take (the) train - they can even park their car in LRT station and jump in the bus."

Singh said they are hoping to start service to Banff for the September long weekend and operate Friday, Saturday and Sundays for now.

One way fares from Calgary to Edmonton are $39. Calgary to Banff will cost $25 one way.

Singh said they plan to offer service from Vancouver to Kelowna in the coming months.

More information on route timing, pickup locations and tickets can be found online. Top Stories

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