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New indoor hockey facility helps Calgarians improve their skills


A new 6,300-square-foot facility in northeast Calgary is designed to help you improve your hockey skills, no matter what level you're at.

Randall Krawec is the owner of Overtime Hockey Lanes, and says it's the first facility of its kind in Calgary.

"We didn't want it to be a training facility," he said.  "We wanted it to be an entertainment/recreational facility where anyone can come in."

"There's something for anybody and everybody to do."


Krawec says he and a couple of friends built Overtime Hockey Lanes all by themselves, something he's proud of.

"There are lots of training facilities that have synthetic ice, and maybe one or two shooting lanes for elite players who are working on getting to the show and into the big leagues, (but) there's no place that you can come and can rent a lane for an hour or a half-an-hour and you can shoot pucks."


At Overtime Hockey Lanes, you can practise a variety of things: you can work on improving your shot by shooting at targets, you can practise passing and stick handling or you can simply use the synthetic ice to work on your skating.

Krawec says each lane is a little different.

"We have seven lanes in total," he told CTV News. "Five with synthetic ice where you need skates and a helmet. The other two you can go in your gym shoes or street shoes (as long as they're clean) and a stick and shoot at the targets."


The facility had a soft opening last week but is now ready to open the doors to the public.

Krawec says he just wants people to check it out and have a good time.

"You come in and you come and have some fun. Whether you're 14, or you're 44, or 104 ,you come in and have fun."

Overtime Hockey Lanes also has a lounge.

Krawec says they've applied for a liquor licence to sell beer and wine, and will also have food available. Top Stories

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