A baby boy is receiving medical treatment at the Alberta Children's Hospital after he was bitten in the face by his family’s dog Wednesday evening.

According to EMS spokesperson Stuart Brideaux, the baby was transported by ambulance after suffering a bite to the face by the family’s pet.

“An approximately 10-month-old child sustained a bite to the left side of his face, on his cheek, towards his eye,” said Brideaux. “We took him to hospital in serious but fortunately stable condition.”

The family turned their Straffordshire Terrier over to town officials. The dog has been impounded and will be tested for rabies and diseases. The pet will remain under quarantine for ten days and undergo a behavioural assessment.

Officials with the town of Okotoks say the dog involved in the incident has no history of aggressive behavior and Staffordshire Terriers are not considered a violent breed.

“We have no history in the town of Okotoks of Staffordshire Terriers being any more problem than any other dog,” said Tim Stobbs, municipal enforcement team leader for the town of Okotoks. “This appears to be, in this case, a one off situation.” “The family is devastated about the incident. They are working closely with us to deal with the situation and we anticipate they’ll continue working with us through this difficult time.”

After the ten day quarantine, the family will decide if they want the dog put down or if an application needs to be presented before the courts.