The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams' Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit has applied for a new order against a Calgary home where a man was killed last week.

The house, located at 3716 Kilkenny Rd. S.W. has been previously closed by ALERT for a period of three months earlier in the spring on suspicion of drug activity.

When that was expired, the house was sold to new owners who then allowed the previous owner to move back in as a tenant.

Police continued to watch the home and soon had another complaint about increased traffic and soon launched another investigation.

After the murder last week, the SCAN team drafted a new order with the consent and cooperation of the new order.

As part of the order, the tenancy agreement was cancelled and the home owner must now get approval from SCAN before renting out any room.

Police say that if these conditions aren't met, then further action will be taken including an application to close the property again.

"We understand that the community is very discouraged right now. They thought the problem was solved when we first closed the property and then this happens," said Mike Letourneau, acting manager of the SCAN unit. "We want people to know that we hear their concerns and are acting quickly to do what we can to clean-up the problem."

Albertans who suspect a property in their neighbourhood is being used for illegal activity should contact SCAN toll-free at 1-866-960-7226 (SCAN) or online at

Concerned citizens are reminded that they should never investigate on their own.