Calgary police released a photograph of homicide victim Sarah Nicole Rae in hopes that someone will come forward with information about her death.

The 24-year-old was found dead in a home in the 6100 block of 4 Avenue N.E. on August 3.

An autopsy revealed that Rae was stabbed to death.

Police say that there were no signs of forced entry into the home where she was found and that it is likely she knew her killer.

Investigators think her attacker either walked into the home through an unlocked door, or was invited in by Rae.

Detectives have narrowed down Rae's movements prior to her death and have determined that she left a southeast bar around 1:30 A.M. on August 3.

Sarah Rae was wearing black DKNY jeans, a turquoise shirt and a black jacket.

She is described as 157 cm or 5'2" tall, 44 Kg or 97 pounds, with hazel eyes and brown hair.

Homicide detectives say they released the photo now to see if it will generate new information about the time leading up to her death.