Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flipped flapjacks at a Calgary Stampede breakfast on Saturday, 100 days out from the federal election.

Around 2,500 people attended the breakfast in the community of Sunalta.

Politicians flipping pancakes is an annual tradition during the 10 days of Stampede. Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer and Green Party leader Elizabeth May attended pancake breakfast events the first weekend of Stampede.

On Friday, Trudeau also visited workers at Edmonton's Trans Mountain pipeline terminal.

Speaking at a Liberal event Saturday after the pancake flipping, Trudeau touched on the fact Alberta has faced “a number of very difficult years.”

“Albertans, particularly Calgarians, have been hard hit by the challenges we faced in the oil sector and that is something that right across the country, people recognize,” he said.

“People know that Albertans’ hard work, Albertans’ prosperity has contributed massively over the past decades to Canada’s prosperity, to Canadians’ prosperity, and now as you’ve gone through difficult years, it’s been really important for all of Canada to be there for Alberta.”

Trudeau said the biggest challenge has been getting oil products to market.

“Right now we sell 99 per cent of our oil to the United States, and when you only have customer for your product, they get to have you, literally, over a barrel, and they give us a massive discount on our oil. Combine that with the fact they’ve gone from an importer of energy to an exporter of energy.”

The next federal election is scheduled to happen on or before Oct. 21.