CALGARY -- The province is stepping up its efforts to provide personal protection equipment (PPE) to a variety of non-Alberta Health Services facilities, such as pharmacies, disability service providers, social service groups and independent medical clinics.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the province said it was "working hard to source personal protective equipment (PPE) and expedite its distribution to groups and organizations in need."

That included over 1,500 orders of PPE, which will be distributed "in the coming days," to an estimated 400 first responder agencies, which will receive a million masks and a million pairs of gloves.

They said they were distributing over 1.5 million masks to 941 long-term care, designated supportive living and addiction and mental health facilities.

Additionally, PPE were being distributed to the Alberta Pharmacists' Association to be doled out to 1,400 pharmacies across the province.


After Premier Kenney announced on Monday the province was sharing PPE  with other provinces, there were reports of non-AHS facilities struggling to receive the equipment. Calgary pharmacist Nellin Nazarali said Monday she was waiting for hers to arrive at the Remedy's RX-Seton Medical Pharmacy, two weeks after placing an order.

"Let me put it this way, I’ve been promised some supplies since March 30 and I can’t even get a response now as to whether or not that's coming," said Nazarali.

"Requests will be quickly processed through the Provincial Operations Centre based on specific need," the province's statement said. "PPE is being procured through both traditional methods and the Alberta Bits and Pieces Program. This program is helping source equipment and manufacturing opportunites close to home at a time when Albertans need it most."