The province says it will try to trap the bears involved after the death of a hunter who went missing near Sundre.

The 40 year-old Didsbury man's body was discovered late Wednesday afternoon in a wooded area about 130 kilometres north of Calgary.

RCMP say there were injuries likely caused by a bear, but they don't know if those wounds were inflicted before, or after the man's death.

A grizzly and two or three cubs were spotted in the area and at the scene of the hunter's death.

Dozens of police and volunteers had been searching the area since Tuesday after the man failed to return home the previous night.

The Medical Examiner is now determining the exact cause of death.

The province says once the bears are trapped, wildlife officials will examine them to determine if they can be linked to the death of the hunter. At that point, they will decide if the bears will be relocated or euthanized.

This is the same area where a Calgary man's partially buried remains were found last November. He was attacked and killed by a grizzly bear.