Almost 100 days have passed since the flood and many are still facing a struggle to make ends meet and find new homes.

Some are still waiting to access rebuilding money that was promised under the Provincial Disaster Recovery Program.

Part of the difficulty for many is an inability to navigate the system and some say they are getting incomplete information and have no way of knowing when the money will come to pay the mounting bills.     

The province says only about 60 percent of homes damaged in the June floods have even applied and only about a quarter of those have received a cheque.

"It makes me so sad to watch my neighbour. I have neighbours who are seniors who haven't gotten a penny. They have maxed out their credit cards, their lines of credit. They haven't received a dime for their homes. They had people come to seem them well before anyone came to see us," said Toni Steer, High River homeowner.

Steer says she would still be waiting too if she hadn’t called over and over again to check on the status of her application.

A representative from the Flood Recovery Task Force says the hold up is because many applications are incomplete and they are waiting on insurance information or proof of ownership.

Those who need help must make sure they apply before November 30th and should keep checking in on the progress of their requests.

So far, the province has received 8600 applications for assistance.

(With files from Bill Macfarlane)