A report by hired consultant contains some harsh words about the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA).

The consultant was hired by city council's transportation committee based on complaints from the public. The consultant spoke to members of the public, the parking authority board, business owners, and members of city council.

The document says members of city council and business owners feel the CPA suffers from "perceived arrogance…poor media relations…and a lack of strong service focus." The report also says the CPA must become more respectful and more accurate.

Members of the parking authority board told the consultant that "most members felt that council prefers to maintain the current arrangement so it can take shots at the Calgary Parking Authority for negative public reactions to council's own policies."

Some aldermen say the report makes it clear major changes are needed. "We need to give a very strong signal [to the CPA] that we expect improvement in the way they operate," says Alderman Diane Colley-Urquhart.

The marketing manager of the Downtown Association says the parking authority must start listening to customers. "I mean, parking is never going to be free downtown, and that's not what we are asking for, we are just asking for the feedback to be taken," says Caralyn MacDonald.

The report also suggests the CPA needs a name change to one that better reflects its roll as a parking service.

The transportation committee passed 12 recommendations contained in the report.

Eleven of those recommendations will be up to the parking authority to implement. The 12th recommendation is a name change and that will be up to council to decide.

CTV News tried to speak to officials with the parking authority to get their reaction to the report but they left through the backdoor after the meeting and didn't speak to any media.

City council still has to sign off on the report.