A young Calgary woman is making a name for herself internationally and on the track at Canada Olympic Park and is the CTV Calgary Athlete of the Week.

Kim McRae's passion for luge began eight years ago when she was first exposed to the sport at the age of eleven.

"My dad and I went to a ski show and they had a ramp set up and I thought it was the greatest thing ever," said Kim.

Kim says the best part is "When you come down the finish and you see your time and you're like, that was the best run ever and it was fast. You live for those runs. Just the perfect runs."

Kim is a junior on Canada's luge team and is proving she belongs.

Three weeks ago at a World Cup stop in Calgary, Kim finished 7th which is an amazing achievement for the 19-year-old rookie.

"Last year I was just like no, I'm not having any fun. I didn't have any fun last year what so ever, I was trying to push for the medals and that was the wrong option. So this year I was like just have fun and see what happens and it seems to be working," said Kim.

Kim says that she gives herself a bit of a pep talk at the beginning of the race.

"I relax at the start and I'll pull a fast start but then I'll be like okay, I know these tracks. I can do this!"

Kim is in good company as one of your teammates is two-time Olympian Alex Gough.

"Every time I have a question, I'll go up to her and be like how do I drive this part of the track or what can I do to change my lifting ability and when we're in the gym, she'll be constantly like, bring your elbows in or keep your knees out."

Kim says Gough really watches out for her teammates and is a lot of help.

"You definitely don't get friends like that anywhere else."

McRae is starting the New Year off right and posted a 13th place finish on the track in Konigssee, Germany on Thursday, January 5, 2012. Her mentor and friend, Alex Gough captured the bronze in the same race.

For her fearless attitude and competitive spirit, Kim McRae is the CTV Calgary Athlete of the Week for Friday, January 5, 2012.