A property in Lethbridge identified by law enforcement as being a magnet for drug activity in the community has been boarded up for the next three months.

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit of the Alberta Sheriff launched an investigation last July after receiving a number of complaints from the community about a home at 235 15 St. N.

In August, Lethbridge police executed a search warrant at the home seizing drugs and weapons.

A warning letter was sent to the owner of the property but the drug activity continued and police then worked to collect more evidence to close the home.

Another search was conducted in December and police found drugs, stolen ID and stolen property.

The search resulted in charges against several people and a Community Safety Order from the Court of Queen’s Bench was obtained on February 5, 2019.

The home has been boarded up and a fence has been put up around the property.

Any occupants must now leave the home for the next 90 days.

Officials say the owner agreed to the closure, which will remain in effect until May 13, and SCAN will continue to monitor the property for the next year.