He is a fixture at Canada Olympic Park, riding the rails for almost 20 years and is our CTV Athlete of the Week.

Dwayne Wiebe's passion is snowboarding.

He has been hitting the hill since he was a toddler but switched to snowboarding when he was 12.

"Oh man, I used to take the bus here after school and stuff and then I finally got a car and was here all the time," said Wiebe.

He was a skateboarder as a child so the switch to the stick was natural.

Wiebe competed in half-pipe and progressed to slope style and rail contests.

He says he did whatever it took to spend time in the snow.

"I did everything I could to snowboard all the time. When I was younger I'd just have a summer job, work as hard as I could for the summer so I could do nothing but travel and snowboard in the winter."

Wiebe says he gets out 4 to 5 times a week either at COP, Sunshine or Lake Louise.

"I fit it in whenever I can; ya its pretty much consumed my life,"

Wiebe gives kudos to the people at COP who build and maintain the facilities at the park and says he and the rest of Calgary's riders truly appreciate their efforts on the hill.

"The guys that are building this stuff now have been around," says Wiebe, "When I was a kid, these guys were the guys that were the pro shredders around town that everyone looked up to and now they're building this park. It's people that know what's going on and everything's built really well."

Wiebe drives a truck full-time to support his winter habit and works the early morning shift so he can strap on his board in the afternoon.

"Now I have bills and have to have a job," he laughs.

Wiebe's passion for the sport and respect from the snowboard community makes him our CTV Athlete of the week.