A new slogan to rebrand the city was decided on a few years ago and road signs with the new motto are being rolled out on city’s streets this week.

Soon, drivers approaching the city limits will be greeted by the slogan “be part of the energy’ instead of ‘Heart of the New West’.

The new slogan has been around for four years and has already been adopted by Calgary Economic Development, Tourism Calgary and other city entities.

The first sign goes up on Deerfoot Trail north at the city line on Wednesday.

“There's ten signs, ten different locations and it's about a $30,000 cost to make that all happen in terms of getting them manufactured and actually getting them physically installed,” said Sean Somers from Calgary Transportation.

A spokesperson for Calgary Economic Development told CTV News that the slogan came from a marketing campaign commissioned by CED from a local ad agency.

The spokesperson said the campaign was designed to attract businesses and people from outside the city and the old slogan "Heart of the New West" didn't have much relevance beyond western Canada.

Mount Royal University marketing expert, Patti Derbyshire, says a city brand or slogan really does make a difference.

“The previous slogan, I think, was really declarative and it really identified with our cowboy heritage and almost stated that you had to be a part of who we were.  The new slogan is so promising because it actually invites people to identify the kinds of energy they want to bring to our city,” said Derbyshire.

Ultimately, a slogan's success often depends on the reader.

“I like the old one mainly because it's what Calgary is known for, the Stampede, the history of western Canada, the whole cowboy mentality,” said Byron.

“The energy should represent the people because we are the energy,” said Joann.

The CED didn't have the figures handy on what the ad agency cost was to create the slogan but says it was less than six figures.

(With files from Lea Williams-Doherty)