CALGARY -- This is usually a busy time for gymnastics clubs. They’re preparing for the nationals which were scheduled to take place in two weeks time.

Of course that is not going to happen this spring, because of the COVID-19 pandemic which has snapped the global economy shut.

Jeremy Mosier is co-owner of Pegasus Gymnatics. They opened the business in 2015 and he says like all businesses they’ve had their share of ups and downs.

But they’ve never seen anything like this.

“Never would’ve thought in 2020 that my doors would be shut down and I have no kids in here due to a pandemic," he said.

Pegasus and other gyms in the province can’t bring the kids back until phase three of the reopening plans.

Tammy Stephenson, the other co-owner at Pegasus, believes clubs like theirs should be able to open in phase two.

Tammy Stephenson

Pegasus has two 6,000 square foot gyms and Stephenson says they could open safely.

“We can do social distancing very easily and we can do the cleaning between groups.”

Mosier agrees.

“And in 6,000 square feet, if we were to follow all the social distancing rules and the group gatherings that Dr. HInshaw has put out there, we could put 14 kids in here with one coach.”

The longer it takes to open the doors, the harder it will be for Gymnastics clubs.

Mosier says what makes matters worse is clubs haven’t yet received financial relief from any level of government.

“The rent relief will be greatly needed once we are able to figure out if we can even apply for it or if we even qualify for it,” Mosier said.

Other than that there is no there is nothing coming from the provincial or the federal governments.”

Pegasus says they’ll be alright for the next little while. But they are concerned about the future of some other clubs.

Stephenson says she’s worried some may be forced to close their doors.

“The longer the wait is for us to get our doors back open without generating some revenue, the harder it’s going to be for some of our clubs to remain open.”