There's a surreal art experience now on display at a south Calgary shopping centre that invites visitors to become the star of their own masterpieces.

Chroma, a massive display in Southcentre Mall's centre court, features artwork from eight local artists.

Organizers say it’s an opportunity for Calgarians to experience local culture and engage in a variety of activities.

As part of the exhibit, mall visitors are invited to take a selfie in front of the amazing backgrounds.

Store owners from the mall are also taking advantage of the instillation by using it to feature their products at pop-up markets within the area.

The mall’s marketing director says the exhibit is open for all ages to enjoy.

"We’ve seen families come and take their family photos. We’ve had the graduating class of 2019 come and take their grad photos here," said Rashmi Aimiuwu.

Artists say it's a great opportunity for more people to see their work.

“It’s definitely good for the public to become more aware of public art and bring more people together,” said artist Rhys Farrell.

Chroma is open for viewing at the mall daily until June 16th.