A young runner from Calgary is vying for a spot on the Olympic team and is the CTV Calgary Athlete of the Week.

Hafeez Sumani, 23, is training for the Canadian Track & Field Trials at the end of June.

Sumani could be in the running to represent Canada in London this summer if he has a strong showing in the 200 and 400 metre races at the national meet.

The Olympics is the ultimate goal for many elite athletes and it is Sumani's dream too.

"All the time and hard work I've put into it over the years , that would mean everything to me. It's my passion and it'll be a dream," said Sumani.

Hafeez attended high school at John Diefenbaker in Calgary and is focused and driven on and off the track.

The former member of the University of Calgary Dinos track team is still finishing his education at the Haskayne School of Business.

Sumani's coach Brenda Van Tighem, says his dedication is a big reason for his success.

"I think he's worked really hard to bring together his, his dream this year to be able to run. He's worked hard as a student as well," said Van Tighem.

"I still want to be able to train full-time so that's kind of a little dilemma but I'm going to try and make it work." said Sumani.

For his dedication to the Olympic dream, Hafeez Sumani is the CTV Calgary Athlete of the week.